Dear Dani,

I see on your website that you only work with new clients in a 3-session package protocol. What’s up with that? You helped my neighbor in just one session. I heard you are really good and I know you can resolve my issue in 1 session. My issue is really easy and I know I don’t need 3 sessions. I don’t want to waste my time or money. I see other hypnotherapists around town don’t require this. Why do you?


One Session Wonder


Dear Wonder,

Thanks for writing and for giving me an opportunity to explain. I get this question a lot.

First off, let me say that I am excited for you, your enthusiasm and your knowing that your issue will be resolved quickly. That’s outstanding! Congratulations! The power of the mind is incredible and if you set the intention for your issue to be resolved quickly, you make that reality more likely. Well done you for having a leg up in the process. And thank you for your faith in me to help bring rapid resolution to the issue.

Yet, there’s something I know from my experience as both a student and facilitator of this work – clients are never upset for the reason they think. Often, they present with one issue, for example procrastination, sleeplessness, stress, fear of public speaking etc., and when we dive into the work, we find that the issue is really something rooted deeper in limiting beliefs, negative influencing life events, fear, low self-esteem, etc. So in reality, the first session only scratches the surface. Often, that one session is rarely enough time to truly uncover and transform the root of the problem.

You see, roots are often NOT the thing you are struggling with in every-day life, yet they hold the key to transforming the issue. Think of root issues like cracks in a foundation of a home. When there is a crack in the foundation, the effects are often seen all the way up through to the roof. In fact, your first sign of trouble may actually be a crack observed in a wall or in the separation of molding or door framing. Now, you know you could hire a contractor to come out and repair those things, yet you also know that won’t resolve what’s going on at the foundation. The quick fix only resolves the most recent and superficial expression of the cracked foundation.

When you work with me, you are often walking in my door presenting the most recent, superficial expression of what’s going on at your foundation because that’s all you really see. In truth, it takes time to get to and repair the foundation. So our first session is about carefully tracing the trouble back to it’s deeper origins. The 3 session protocol allows us the time and space to do this mindfully and with care for what comes up along the way. And our goal is to repair, not to simply seal the crack. It’s a process that simply takes time. To stop the work after one session, allows the root problem to persist likely creating an expression somewhere else in your life later.

This is at the heart of the work I do and why I bring new clients in under a 3 session package. This may not be at the heart of the work some others do, and that’s okay. This is the approach, I have observed, that yields results. With that, regardless of the length of our relationship, I promise to always be working with the utmost efficiency to bring you resolution because your time, your money, and your faith in me as a practitioner is important. I pledge to always be working to deliver the greatest value, and the best result, in the shortest amount of time. The 3 Session Package Protocol is designed to deliver on that pledge.

If you are interested in saving time and money in resolving your issue, you can easily apply the same logic here as you would to the cracked foundation problem in your home. Simply repairing the roof or the walls will save time and money, for sure, and it may give the appearance of a change, but the foundation problem will persist and only result in more cracks, more cost, more time, and more suffering later. And just like we see in home repair, if you opt for the quick fix, you will likely pay for it ten times over in the end when the problem rears its head somewhere else.

Hope that helps and hope to see you in my chair soon!