Thank you Dani! I appreciate you. Thank you for helping me tap into that state of bliss. It helped this morning as I awoke not feeling so great due to dreams. I got up walked the dog and laid back down listening to your recording “Letting Go.” Wow. What a difference that made. I feel good now. I have been praying again and finally feel that spiritual connection and growth of it. Again thank you. Thank you for opening my eyes. You are one awesome person and a tenacious professional with your craft. God has truly given you a gift.

R.T., Bradenton, Florida

Thank you so much for your time and energy today! Your presentation was fantastic and everyone enjoyed your enthusiasm! You were a great compliment to the entire program and I am so thankful you were here today. Thank you for the effort you took to prepare, and on such short notice, I was very impressed! Many participants said it was the best class yet.

Jackie Godlewski, Activity Director, Enrichment Center at Renaissance on 9th, Bradenton, Florida

Dani is unbelievably talented. The level of professionalism and genuine care for her clients is beyond expectations. She has the ability to connect with anyone -at any age- on such an incredibly deep level. I’d absolutely recommend her to anyone and would be beyond confident they’d leave feeling better than they ever knew they could.

C.M., Lake County, Florida

Dani Fox is a truly gifted practitioner. She possess’s the unique ability to adapt her skills to your specific needs. Compassion, understanding and insight are abundant with Dani and she shares all of these with her clients so graciously. I was so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience her gifts first hand. You would be too. 5 stars is not near enough. Thank you so much Dani.

P.A., Orlando, Florida

HAPPY EASTER! One year has past since you helped me through the most traumatic time of my life. The guidance and tools you provided have given me a new lease on life and caused me to literally have a new life. I am so thankful for your assistance.

R.J., Lakewood Ranch, Florida

I just wanted to tell you that my son has transformed since he saw you – food phobia is virtually gone and I can really see much of his underlying anxiety has eased too! I can never thank you enough!!!! As for me – well you lifted a very very deep and heavy burden off of me with my mother. That alone is priceless. You are a very special healer and I am so excited to continue our journey.

C.G., Bradenton, Florida

Hey Dani! I just wanted to let you know that I had done the flying tapping and worked on other plane stuff for about a week before we left for Denver yesterday. I didn’t have a single panic attack and felt comfortable the whole time. That was the first time I’ve been able to fly without freaking out since I was 8. Thank you so much for helping me!!

M.J., Charlotte, North Carolina

You have helped me through several issues, the most recent being a long time feeling I’ve had of being an inconvenience to people around me. While it’s all a work-in-progress, for the first time in my life I’m seeing that LIFE can be different and better than I’ve know, and it’s because of the positive thoughts and strategies you have shown me.

J.A., Tampa, Florida

You took me on a thrilling ride and one I will never forget. After being retired for 10 years, I thought going and doing was how to live out the rest of my years. Yet in the end all that activity had no meaning. You had an easy and comforting approach that guided me to understand how the dots of my past, present and future all connect and in ways that brought meaning and sentiment. In the first few sessions with you, I was freed from longstanding misperceptions and beliefs that allowed me to see how to live my senior years in the present, moment by moment!

K.P., Bradenton, Florida

After a lifetime of struggling with my weight and body image issues, I had reached a critical point in my health and overall happiness. Finding Dani Fox Hypnosis was an incredible blessing. Within just a few sessions my entire relationship with food and exercise improved drastically. I found myself waking up excited about the day ahead and for the first time in a long time actually feeling joyful. Dani’s unique ability to compassionately guide you through rediscovering your own internal power is priceless. She has equipped me with tools I can use to live the life I always dreamed of. I am forever changed, tremendously grateful and feeling blessed.

S.L., Sarasota, Florida

I believe it is fair to say that when trying Hypnotherapy for the first time it is natural to have some apprehension. From them moment I stepped into Dani’s office any lingering apprehension or uncertainty quickly melted away. Her warmth and genuine approach quickly put me at ease, allowing me to experience true transformation that had alluded me for so long. I have struggled for years with anxiety and panic and searched the world over for solutions. Through the powerful techniques and new tools I have acquired by working with Dani I can report I am free of panic and anxiety. Hypnotherapy worked for me and gave me back the freedom to experience a joyful life once again. I truly owe more to Dani then I could ever repay.

A.B., Sarasota, Florida

Happy Thanksgiving! This season I am thankful for you, for helping me seek and accept my authentic self, my brilliant light! I am falling into the arms of the universe with tremendous faith!

M.S., Sarasota, Florida

I cannot thank you enough for a beautiful session! It was like having a flash light in a dark (or not so well lit) hallway! I now totally understand how I was sending double signals! Now that I get it, I will not do it anymore! I loved talking to you, thank you for empathy and for taking that burden off my chest and for getting me un-stuck! This morning I was able to go back to that peaceful place and it felt lovely! I loved meeting my higher self! What an immensely reassuring encounter! Thank you for the worksheet, I am sure it will help. I will be back as I know I want to keep moving forward and I know you can help. I hope many, many more people who need help will come your way.

N.S., Sarasota, Florida

I wanted to jot you a note to let you know that I drove last week to Ft. Myers (81 miles from Sarasota) on Interstate 75 albeit with little trepidation! When I became ˜a little queasy’, I employed the techniques you taught me and I put my hand over my heart intoning confidence and it helped getting me to my destination. Thank you so much for the help success was certainly apparent!! I will call you for another appointment. I would like to further discuss ˜tapping’ and strengthen the techniques of our last session. It feels like I’m ˜breaking free’ of the years in decline and I’m on an upswing in my driving abilities! I feel like a new person!!

J.F., Sarasota, Florida

I feel like I’ve accessed additional brain capacity or something! I’m so excited that not everything has to be labeled as anxiety anymore! Things that used to make me feel afraid are viewed from a different perspective now because you’ve given me the tools to help me relax. Through my more relaxed eyes, I have better perspective as to how and why others act the way they do ¦ and why I act the way I do. Plus, I’m also realizing that my ability to better predict how someone is going to act about a situation, is actually a really GOOD tool. Interesting to look at this as a tool I can use, instead of something that’s scary and that I have no control over. I’m not used to it yet, but each day gets better and better!

M.B., Sarasota, Florida

A great experience! Clearly most professional with her craft; makes you feel very comfortable and easy to talk to. I would ˜positively’ recommend her.

S.M., Lakewood Ranch, Florida

I am so grateful to have experienced your guidance via hypnotherapy. For so many years, I felt hopeless and trapped by my relationship with food. Completely out of control and disconnected to my inner feelings, I was reaching a critical point in my life. After one session with you, suddenly everything felt different. A whole new way of being has surfaced, one that I never imagined was possible. I now feel a sense of control over my choices, and a distinct release from the pull of foods that used to enslave me. Your magical way with words and your ability to sense where the issues were coming from is astonishing to me. You are truly gifted in your craft, and bring a level of empathy and connection that is genuine and true. I recommend you highly to anyone who is in need of a new way of being, because it truly is possible!

T.C., Lakewood Ranch, Florida

Five stars! Very professional yet also friendly. Her treatment helped me greatly.

R.M., Bradenton, Florida

I am excited to tell you that I had two stress free flights! I had no anxiety when I woke up that morning, getting ready, driving to the airport and sitting waiting to board. I was not anxious about the plane being small (two seats on each side) and the few bumps along the way. Coming back was the same except it was even a smaller plane. The old me would have panicked, cried and probably looked for another flight with a bigger plane. This plane had one seat on one side and two on the other. When I boarded, I thought to myself, how cool would it be to see on the side with just one seat. The ride back was bumpy the entire time and I didn’t think twice about it. No desire to drink wine during either flight. One thing that helped me is the movie theatre technique when I watched myself start the trip and go all the way through quickly and then in reverse. I thought about that several times and it gave me confidence.

D.S., Bradenton, Florida

Now I really know that my behavior and certain reactions are dictated and automatic. Now I’m learning to control it and change it. Latest example, I got on a roller coaster. It was fun. I told myself what kind of reaction I expect. I told myself I’m not afraid and I will be just fine and I want to enjoy it. I’m not scared. It’s just an awesome ride. First time I did so, so but second and all after were just great. I could give you many more examples of the positive changes. Thank you so much for everything you did for me. It helped me a lot. Thanks to you I know I can be and who I want to be and that’s a big difference. Thank you!!!!!

E.P., Sarasota, Florida

Dani Fox is very professional and insightful. The session was very helpful.

K.H., Bradenton, Florida

Hypnosis helped every step of the way through the labor and delivery. I felt confident, in control, and I did very well in handling the experience. When I felt like I wanted to relax, I popped some of the recordings on and was able to rest to prepare for delivery. I was very calm and clear-headed the whole time.

S.F., Bradenton, Florida

I wanted to share some good news with you. I had my quarterly blood work review with my Doctor today and excellent report! I’ve released 10 pounds and I’ve returned to Weight Watchers. I’m still Solid and I continue to use the tools you’ve given me and I feel so much more in control now.

D.R., Bradenton, Florida

Thank you, Dani. You have been the best addition to the family since my niece was born! We love the wonderful contribution you have and are making to my daughter’s life as she grows and becomes the most amazing 20 year old I have ever met!!! She has learned to use tools she never knew she had and is now so much better equipped to meet the daily challenges that come into her life. I could never have hoped for such a dramatic and positive outcome. I only wish you were around 20 years ago.

M.W., Sarasota, Florida

I want to thank you for your fantastic therapy. I have lost 35 lbs since our session. I have gotten off all meds and and feel great. My wife and I walk 3 to 4 miles a day. I just wanted you to know my progress and how much I appreciate your effort and skill.

M.C., Bradenton, Florida

I have been very impressed with not only your professional approach but with the initial results. My focus has been significantly improved which has yielded meaningful benefits. You have provided me the tools to continue to make progress toward self actualization. I encourage anyone who wants to improve their focus to utilize Dani-she’s awesome!

J.H., Sarasota, Florida

Happy Independence Day to you. I feel that is appropriate to wish you a happy independence since that is what you give so many of your clients. Independence from what is holding them back from the life they are meant to live. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you fixing my train of thought. I know I will need some adjusting at some point but for now, I am good.

B.M., Bradenton, Florida