overcome sleep issues with hypnosisWhat could you do with a good night’s sleep?

Sleep impacts so much of our day to day functioning as well as our physical and mental wellness.  And when we don’t get it, we can feel irritable, unfocused, unmotivated  and unhappy.  Sleep is not only an important factor in your outlook and ability to manage daily stressors, but it also plays a crucial role in muscle repair, memory consolidation and the release of hormones regulating growth and appetite.  Read more about the value of sleep at the National Sleep Foundation.  Knowing this, what if we could identify the underlying issues contributing to the sleep issue and transform the patterns of behavior keeping you from a deep peaceful, restful night sleep?  What could you do and how amazing could you feel?

Imagine how life will be when you. . .

  • Learn to fall asleep easily and stay asleep naturally tonight and every night.
  • Program your deep inner mind to expect to sleep deeply and peacefully.
  • Teach your subconscious that it’s safe to fall asleep and stay asleep .
  • Train your body to wake up in the morning alert, light, refreshed and energized.
  • Create new habits and rehearse a positive outcome of restful sleep.
  • Receive auto suggestions to put yourself to fall asleep and wake up when you want.
  • Expect to enjoy sleep and find it comfortable and simple.

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