Hello. . . it’s your body calling!

we don’t really think about everything our bodies do for us during the day, and unless we make an effort to give our bodies rest, we can create an environment where stress builds up.  When stress builds up, the body starts to speak us.  Maybe this manifests as headaches, upset stomach, tightness in the back or neck.  Maybe it manifests as trouble sleeping or general discomfort.   When we ignore these sensations, and suppress the body’s normal natural response to stress, the body starts screaming at us for attention.  It will use every cell, ligament, muscle and system to make it’self heard.  Whatever is going on, the body is trying to communicate with us and it’s time to start listening.  Get out of your own way, and let your body get back to the business of doing what it was designed to do. . . thrive!


Imagine how life will be when you. . .

  • Discover the mind body connection.
  • Understand how stress creates energy blocks.
  • Learn how to dialog with the sensation.
  • Release the emotions causing the disruption.
  • Practice deep relaxation and access a restorative state.
  • Replace negative associations with positive images.
  • Reprogram the flight or flight response that causes stress.
  • Learn how to use EFT and Hypnosis to return to a quick calming state.


* Note: I do not work on pain or any diagnosed medical condition without a refferal from your medical professional. Click to read more about YOUR HYPNOTHERAPIST AS A PARTNER IN YOUR MEDICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH WELLNESS