If you are new to hypnosis, group hypnosis is a great way to get started. The group setting is a powerful medium to reinforce what you already know – you are not alone. In a small group, you get the benefit of observing how hypnosis can work with diverse individuals on single topic such as smoking or weight loss, stress relief or goal setting. It’s a great way to uncover your unique blocks around a topic so that when you move into individual sessions, we can hit the ground running. Plus, when you explore issues with a group, you learn from the challenges and transformations of others. It’s also a great opportunity to work with friends and relatives — transforming your network has an exponential effect on your own transformation.

Group hypnosis is as pressure-free as it is fun. You have the chance to meet and bond with people working with similar issues while remaining in control of your disclosure and participation. You can share only what you are comfortable sharing, saving the private details for our individual sessions.

Group sessions and series are full of perks too! Groups cost less than individual sessions to address the same issue. And not only do I offer discounts to group participants for individual sessions, I also send you home with complimentary hypnosis recordings to reinforce the work we do.


photo of free consultation for group hypnosis