Got a dream? Got a goal? Then you gotta get a coach!

Since 2003, I have been helping everyone from college students to corporate executives achieve their dreams and reach their personal and professional goals through coaching. With training from the Coach Training Alliance, an International Coach Federation approved institute, and steeped in the corporate culture of Disney, AT&T, Sony, Panasonic and others, I partner my unique skill and experience with your desire to create a better life.

diagram showing effectiveness of coaching

Areas of Focus

Any are of your life will benefit from this work. The goal usually falls into one or more of the major life categories including finances, spirituality, family, career, health, hobbies etc. We will spend time in our consultation discussing this and then explore it in more detail during our first session.

Our Roles

You are the pilot and the I am co-pilot. The world is yours explore, yet, I am holding the map you gave me and I will keep you on the route you have charted like my life depends on it. Being the driver, you will bring momentum, curiosity, positivity and a mind open. You set the course and determine how to reach your goals. I will help you remove distractions and stay on track. If you decide along the way, to pursue a different destination, that is your choice, and I will help you adjust the route accordingly. If you decide to stop driving and get out of the car all together, that is your choice as well. I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. I am not an enforcer. I am a partner.

My Role. . . in more detail

I am your partner in this co-creative process. Mutual respect, trust and confidentiality is the foundation upon which our coaching sessions are built. I help you clear the clutter and identify what’s important, define objectives, and create strategies and tactics to accelerate your success. Coaching is a process, not an event and during our time together, I work to:

• Help you create meaningful goals, aligned with your core.
• Identify gaps between where you are and where you want (or need) to be.
• Create a safe environment to explore your barriers and limiting beliefs.
• Explore possibilities and cultivate curiosity.
• Encourage self-discovery and application of your best skills and inner resources.
• Define the key stakeholders, milestones and measures of success
• Provide the structure, accountability, and support necessary to ensure sustained commitment and inevitable success.

The Process

It is my job to engineer to myself out of your life. As much as I will enjoy working with you, giving you tools is not as effective as teaching you how to be resourceful. So, a big part of our work together will be my challenging you to engage internal resources to question, problem solve, strategize and execute as well as leverage external resources to help drive your success.

Initial Consult – This is our opportunity to meet, explore your goal, as well as our “fit.” It’s just as important that I feel comfortable with you as you feel with me. This session is complimentary and you may expect to spend 1 hour together. We will spend time clarifying how we will work together – what to expect including your preferred style of coaching (e.g. how do you want me to respond if you fall behind on your goals, how direct and hard on you do you want me to be?). We will discuss the ‘rules’ regarding late arrivals or missed appointments, as well as between session communication. We will also review the coaching contract.

First Session – Our first meeting will be about “designing the alliance.” The session will be exploratory in nature to get clarity on the goal and its alignment with your core. You will likely bring with you, a pre-coaching questionnaire designed to help us hit the ground running. The more prepared you come to this session, the more we will get done. The session will conclude with a recap of what we accomplished, the intention for the next session, as well as deliverables due at the next session. Expect to spend 1 hour in this session.

Subsequent Sessions – Every meeting following the first session will consist of a check in of your progress. We will review what shifted or what was accomplished since the last session; discuss and clear barriers or obstacles impeding progress toward the goal; identify new strategies, tactics and milestones; review and revise time horizon if necessary. The session will conclude with a recap of what we accomplished, the intention for the next session, as well as deliverables due at the next session. Expect to spend 1 hour in this session.

How Sessions are Conducted – Sessions are conducted in person at my Cary, North Carolina office or via phone, Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts.  Please read more about we will achieve success via REMOTE SESSIONS.

Measuring Success

Success is going to look different for everyone – it depends on your goal. The measure of our success, will not only be celebrated in terms of goal completion, but also in perceived shift in the activation and engagement of the internal resources discovered through the process. Success may also be defined by the observable shift enjoyed in the major life categories shown above. Coaching clients have reported everything from enhanced work performance, efficiency and focus, to improved confidence, communication, life/work balance and increased relational harmony. If you are actively tracking the shift experienced through the process, the evidence of success will be evident throughout.

The Fine Line Between Coaching, Hypnotherapy and NLP

Where Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and NLP take place in the subconscious space, Coaching takes place primarily in the conscious space. While we may do some visualization and truth talk, our sessions keep you focused on the goal while consciously developing strategies and removing conscious barriers to forward momentum. During the Coaching process, it is common to come up against a subconscious barrier to moving forward. For example, you want to re-enter the workforce, but you believe an older individual won’t be as competitive in the market. I can “Coach” you toward a different perspective, yet, truly clearing this belief and embracing a different reality may be more effectively achieved with the help of hypnotherapy. Hypnosis sessions are a powerful adjunct to our work together and can help jump-start clarity and alignment, however they function more like side trips on our journey.  They add tremendous value and support the forward momentum, but the length and structure of hypnosis sessions do not fit the coaching model so they are not included in your coaching package.  You may purchase these sessions separately.

The Investment

Congratulations! The fact that you are here tells me that you are actively ready to start making Powerful Positive Change. The fact that you are choosing take action NOW and actively create changes puts you ahead of the curve. If you want to get unstuck and you are ready to make amazing things happen, I can help you.

There are 3 ways to approach this investment. Review the packages below and find what works best for you and your budget.

Life / Career Makeover

$5760for 6 mo
  • 24 Two-Hour Sessions
  • life from a whole new perspective
  • create a more meaningful and passionate life
  • an overhaul from the ground up

Do Something Amazing

$2880for 3 mo
  • 12 Two-Hour Sessions
  • realize an important dream or goal
  • accomplish something truly life changing
  • act now or the opportunity will be lost

Get Unstuck and Get Moving

$1440for 6 wks
  • 6 Two-Hour Sessions
  • stop spinning your wheels and treading water
  • remove obstacles and barriers
  • make a real breakthrough NOW