Getting Clear



Release yourself from old ways of seeing the world, and subsequently, free yourself from obsolete patterns of behavior.



This recording is designed to release you from old ways of seeing the world, and subsequently, free you from obsolete patterns of behavior — to wipe away the residue of the past from the window into your future and embrace all that awaits you on the other side.  You may hear the faint voice of a man under the track.  That’s not your imagination.  This track is laid down on top of a subliminal recording of suggestions for opening the heart.  Subliminals are fantastic!  They offer your subconscious additional suggestions, in a different voice and in the first person.  It’s a double dose of good stuff.  So your subconscious will hear me and respond to me, and also to the subliminal suggestions in a male’s voice.  The suggestions are listed below for your reference.

  • I am now living my life with a completely open heart.
  • I know I am safe and secure being fully open to life.
  • I feel all my emotions fully and completely.
  • I observe my feelings from a seat of higher consciousness.
  • I fully embrace my life and all of the feelings that go with it.
  • I am now willing to live fully and completely.
  • With trust and faith I know I can let go and enjoy every moment completely.
  • I joyfully participate in life knowing that life is meant to be lived.
  • I allow my emotions to transform back into love, light and peace.
  • By staying fully open I allow my heart to return to its natural state of love and bliss.
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