Test Taking & Accelerated Learning



Accelerated learning, memory and exam taking with powerful subliminal suggestions.



Rev up your brain muscle with this conditioning recording supporting accelerated learning, memory and exam taking. This track is laid down on top of subliminal suggestions related to student success.

Subliminal suggestions include:

  • Every day in every way my ability to learn increases exponentially.
  • I have an excellent memory and the more I relax, the better able I am to access the information I need.
  • I now easily absorb the information that I intend to learn.
  • My mind is clear, precise, and focused in the moment.
  • I enjoy learning and find it easy and fun.
  • My memory is getting better and better everyday.
  • I now easily absorb, retain and recall information.
  • My ability to learn is now being accelerated in profound ways.
  • I now know whatever I need to know whenever I need to know it.
  • I am intelligent and fully capable of learning anything I put my mind to.
  • My success is inevitable.
  • I enjoy all forms of learning and find learning natural and simple and I easily demonstrate what I know.
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