Create and Manifest the Life You Want



Strengthen your creating and manifesting muscle, giving yourself the opportunity to look forward into your life and see what you want and starting realizing it NOW.



This recording is designed to strengthen your creating and manifesting muscle by giving you the opportunity to look forward into your life and see what you want and starting realizing it NOW. The more images you create, the better you feel, the more you raise the vibration to attract them. It’s that simple. Before you listen, you might give some thought to some specific things you want to manifest in all domains of your life – career, finance, relationships, spirituality, emotional and physical wellness etc. This is your chance to dream big and give yourself permission to see anything you want to NOW create and manifest in your life. You may hear the faint voice of a man under the track. That’s not your imagination. This track is laid down on top of a subliminal recording of suggestions for creating and manifesting. Subliminals are fantastic! They offer your subconscious additional suggestions, in a different voice and in the first person. It’s a double dose of good stuff. So your subconscious will hear me and respond to me, and also to the subliminal suggestions in a male’s voice. The suggestions are listed below for your reference.

  • Every day in every way I become more aligned with my source of true creativity.
  • I am becoming ever more clear about my life’s work.
  • I am Divinely empowered co-creator and I joyfully manifest goodness into my life and the lives of others.
  • I only manifest goodness and I only receive goodness.
  • I now become extremely clear on that which I wish manifest into my life.
  • I manifest my life’s vision in harmony with universal law.
  • I manifest what I visualize easily and joyfully.
  • I clearly visualize my goals knowing that they already exist.
  • I get passionate and excited about manifesting my vision.
  • My thoughts are clearly aligned towards my inner vision.
  • I totally believe that I can manifest what I set my mind to. I really want this.
  • I am willing to accept this in my life. I expect this to happen, I know it manifests, it is inevitable.
  • I am committed to manifesting my vision and do what I need to do to succeed.
  • I surrender and let go, trusting the universe to take care of the details.
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