Clearing Negativity



Release negative thoughts and self talk using the metaphor of a vacuum.



This recording is designed to help you release negative thoughts and self talk using the metaphor of a vacuum. The recording is laid down on top a subliminal recording for overcoming anxious feelings. Listen to this once a day, more often if you want to. And remember, never listen while driving or operating any kind of equipment or when your attention to- your surroundings is required.

The idea with this recording is to vacuum up negative thoughts, release negative self talk, polish you so that you shine and repel external negative thoughts and behaviors, and finally, fill you back up with new affirming messages so you can finally hear your own voice. Subliminal suggestions include:


  • I am now feeling more relaxed and at peace.
  • My body is now more calm and at ease.
  • In all situations I am centered and secure within myself.
  • I am confident and am self assured in who I am.
  • With a positive and optimistic attitude I know I can handle anything.
  • I am fully open to my feelings and am comfortable with whatever I may feel.
  • I feel safe and secure no matter what is happening.
  • I enjoy my life more fully and feel free to do so.
  • My life gets better every day as I feel more free, peaceful and relaxed.
  • I enjoy being alone or with others and am always content within myself.
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