Living Clean in ’17

One resolution. Just one. What if you could whittle it down to one resolution?

Maybe you would embrace something like “Show more love.” Maybe you would announce you are going to “Be more positive.” Maybe you would lock in something dynamic that would create seismic shift in your life. And why not? It’s exciting to make resolutions. It draws out a sense of hope and positivity as we look forward to the wonderful byproducts of driving toward a goal. It’s a part of our nature to dream and look forward to our future.

Yet, inevitably, within a few weeks of our great proclamation, we forget. We lose momentum. We create caveats and expose exceptions to the resolution such that it becomes less of a resolution and more like a nice idea. No blame or shame. That’s part of our nature too.
So, let’s not make it so hard. This year, why not join me in making one simple resolution. One easy, simple and refined point of view through which to filter our thoughts, actions, behaviors and choices. This year, why not join me in “Living Clean in ’17.” That’s it. A single resolution to make “Living Clean” a daily practice.

Of course, you’ll have to take a minute to think about what “Clean” means to you. Perhaps Clean is a vibration. Perhaps it’s a sense of purity or simplicity. Perhaps it’s an awareness of alignment or truth. Whatever it is for you, there’s a good chance you will know what “Clean” is for you, when you consider “Dirty.” You probably have some good examples of “Living Dirty” to use as contrast.
We will all have different definitions of “Clean” but that shouldn’t stop anyone from playing along. Living Clean of Mind can easily include allowing other people to live their own definition of “Clean.”

And to make it even easier, how about directing that “Living Clean” resolution to the three key facets of our lives – Mind, Body and Spirit.  Here are some ideas to get your started along with a handy thought / behavior filter.

Simply ask yourself. . . .”Is this choice, thought, action, food ‘clean’ for me?”

If it creates or cultivates a Clean

[Mind, Body, Spirit], repeat it.

If it doesn’t create or cultivate a Clean [Mind, Body, Spirit], release it.

Living Clean in Mind
• releasing limiting mental images and stories / creating empowering mental images and stories
• removing yourself from dirty external ideas and images / ingesting clean ideas and images

Living Clean in Body
• releasing poisons and toxins / ingesting high value natural clean fuel
• releasing manufactured chemicals / embracing natural products
• releasing physical abuse / cherishing your body

Living Clean in Spirit
• releasing judgement / filtering through love
• releasing doubt / embracing faith and positive expectancy

In the course of a day, there are thousands of opportunities for “Living Clean.” You may not nail every decision, every day. That’s okay. Don’t be so hard on yourself (Living Clean of Mind). Each experience holds a new opportunity for Living Clean. The goal is simply to create and collect more evidence of “Living Clean” than “Living Dirty,” so that when you look back on 2017, evidence of “Living Clean” will be all you see.

Pop on over to Facebook and join the discussion with the “Living Clean in ’17” community. As you NOW become more and more mindful of Living Clean in all areas of your life. Share your ah-has, insights and inspirations with the group and please be sure to use the hashtag #livingcleanin17 in your post and let us know if it’s Clean of Mind, Clean of Body, or Clean of Spirit.

This might be the one resolution that finally brings you the Powerful Positive Change you’ve been seeking.