We are all about helping existing practitioners and budding (and even seasoned) hypnotherapists improve and refine their craft and we are so excited to share our experience to help you grow.  You have the foundation of some of the best training in the field, and these workshops are intended to expand on that foundation while integrating our knowledge, skills, and experience from our time in the field.   Plus, get access to exclusive tips, tricks, and techniques that may not have been a part of your original training experience.



“So You Are A Grad, Now What Series” – Part 1:  From Consult to Couch – (2 Hours) – $59 – Wednesday, August 23, 7pm – 9pm EST

Working with Children & Their Handlers – (4 Hours) – $399 – Saturday, August 26, 1pm – 5pm EST


“So You Are A Grad, Now What Series” – Part 1:  Navigating Your First Session – (2 Hours) – $59 – TBD

Creating Winning Weight Loss Programs – (2 Hours)

Creating Powerful Programming Sessions – (2 Hours)

Creating Successful Smoking Cessation Programs – (2 Hours)

Advanced Parts Work Processing – (2 Hours)

Advanced Regression Processing – (2 Hours)

EFT (Tapping) for Hypnotherapists –  (2 Hours)

Finding Lost Things – (2 Hours)

Connecting to Your Creativity – (2 Hours)

Creating Magical Metaphors (Not Just For Kids) (2 Hours)

NOTE:  We will use the ZOOM platform for this.  To ensure privacy, all webinars will be encrypted and password-protected, and only authenticated users will be allowed to join.  That means, if you do not have a Zoom account, you will need to SIGN UP FOR A FREE ZOOM ACCOUNT. Upon registering, the password will be included in the confirmation email.  Please do not share this with anyone not registered.  In advance of our training, please familiarize yourself with ZOOM.


Unable to attend the date / time shown?  No worries!  All of these workshops will be recorded for replay and the presentation slides and handouts will be emailed to you.  Simply register, pay, and immediately following the webinar, you will be forwarded the link and resources.

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