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From The Mail Bag – Dear Dani – July 15, 2016

July 15, 2016

Dear Dani,

I tried hypnosis once and it didn’t work. Why should I bother trying it again?


Even More Skeptical


Dear Skeptical,

I feel you. I tried hypnosis once too and it didn’t work. Instead, I found that I had to work and keep working. This was actually a surprise to me. I thought, as many do, that Hypnosis is a one-shot deal, wherein a single session I would resolve years and years of pain, sorrow, anger, false perceptions and dysfunctional behavior. (Insert sound of buzzer here.) Boy was I wrong.

I discovered Hypnosis is tool to leverage your emotions, beliefs and inner motivations to create change – powerful lifelong change. To say “it didn’t work” when you used it once, is the equivalent of saying the hammer didn’t work when you struck the nail once. (Say that out-loud and you will see how ridiculous the notion is.) The hammer isn’t doing the work, you are. If you strike the nail once and don’t get the result you want, do you toss the hammer? Do you stop trying to drive the nail all together? No, that’s silly. You keep hammering. And in the process, the nail may get bent, you may smash your finger, you may hit a stud or even have to re-center the nail. You may get frustrated and sweaty, but you don’t give up. And you certainly don’t toss the hammer in favor of a spoon or heel of a shoe. (Hey, we’ve all done it.)

So my point, Skeptical, is simply this. I’m not surprised it didn’t work and you didn’t see any results. You stopped after just a few whacks at your goal. No judgement. I was once there too. So, I am speaking from past experience here. But the truth is, no change worth having happens over-night. Rather, meaningful change is cultivated over time and through pressure that yields slivers of insight that light the way for the life you always dreamed of living.

Imagine, mother earth squeezing coals once and giving up after the first squeeze didn’t yield a diamond. In the same way coal becomes diamonds, time, pressure and commitment is slowly turning you into a beautiful gem.

Keep hammering and keep squeezing, Skeptical. Hypnosis is the right tool and it will get you there.

Positively Yours!