I am so honored to share these testimonials, recommendations, and endorsements from my colleagues and peers.

 “Community networking is such a vital foundation for any business or entrepreneur. Dani Fox is a highly talented, multi-faceted professional who is fundamentally dedicated to her business community. Having the honor to network and collaborate with such a versatile visionary is inspiring and motivating on a daily basis. Not only does she transform her clients through her elegant approach to hypnotherapy and personal coaching, she enhances the lives of her colleagues and business associates as well. Dani is a rare find and one that the Lakewood Ranch Community is blessed to have.”

Beth A. Snyder, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Sarasota, Florida

“As a friend and fellow hypnotherapist who attended professional hypnotherapy school as well as continuing education classes with Dani, I’ve had the opportunity to witness her work with numerous clients including myself. A fundamental part of much of our work involves helping clients to understand something in a new light. Dani possesses a unique extra special ability to explain anything in a manner that can be easily understood; from simply how a process works to something as complicated as helping someone realize a self limiting subconscious belief. Dani is very good at what she does. And she gets results.”

Anthony Zapala, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, St. Petersburg, Florida