It’s raining in Celebration today. I love the rain and will often brave the elements (think mosquitos and no-see-ums) to sit out on the patio and tune into the sweet sounds of the gentle tapping on the railing and road. I admire the way the leaves and flowers instinctively turn upward toward the heavens to bathe and soak in this refreshing gift of nature. And how the water intuitively gravitates toward the slopes and valleys in the landscape as “run-off.”

“Run-off” carries such a negative connotation. The rain not absorbed into the land is no more “run-off” than tears are. Tears serve a purpose – confirmation of a cleansing now complete; evidence of a renewal; proof of a process. And our hearts, like those clouds – billowy basins full to the brim with the emotional debris and particles of pain accumulated over weeks, and months, years, and lifetimes – reach a tipping point and eventually succumb to the need to release. It’s normal. It’s natural. It’s part of a process. And upon that release, like those clouds, we are free to return to our elemental ethereal essence; to stretch and expand and morph across the vast expanse of the heavens – no longer just a part of the scenery – a chalky contrast to the blue inverted bowl of the sky, but rather, one with it, where we are once again whole with the atmosphere . . free, boundless, limitless – at least until the next environmental pressure peaks. 


To this end, in my work with clients, as I pace them from their pain into their potential, I tell them . . . 

…”there are really only two things I can do for you in this work – help you clear the perceived obstacle in the path of your goal or connect you to inner resources to see that obstacle in a different way, navigate around it, or even better, leverage it to help you get to your goal.”

And, I add, “in that process, you will come face to face with your real and paper tiger obstacles. And that will feel uncomfortable – and there will be pain and there will be tears and it will feel almost as uncomfortable as stepping into your power. After all, they are equivalent unknowns. More important, you can’t face your tigers or step into your power with a heavy full heart. If your resources are tied up in fortifying the basin, your focus will not be on the goal, much less the blue skies that inevitably follow the storm.”

So, be like the sky today in Celebration today. Open up, release, and let go. Breathe and acknowledge the hurt, the fear, and pain and let the tears flow. Create some “run-off.”  Engage in the natural process designed to refresh and renew. Empty the basin. You’ll be amazed at how light and free you will feel and how much more able you will be to press on.

Breathe, release, and let go. Remember, you can handle any weather.

Let me know if you need help with this. I can hold space for you remotely as easily as I can in person. Privately, safely let go in the comfort of your own home. Visit for details.