T:  “Hey Dani.”

D:  “Hi tree.”

T:  “Whatcha doing?”

D: “Thinking about life.”

T:  “What’s life?”

D:  “You know, it’s this thing we’re all doing…all the people, animals and plants, you.”

T: “Oh you mean THRIVING.”

D:  “Well, I would hardly call what most of us are doing THRIVING.”

T:  “Hmmm… That’s too bad. Seems like you have access to so many resources. It’s a shame to not be thriving.”

D:  “You’re right tree. It IS a shame that we’re not thriving. So many have so many needs that go unmet.”

T:  “My essences hurts for your suffering.”

D:  “Thank you tree.” (Standing up to hug it.)

T:  “Whatcha doing?”

D: “Trying to know what you know. I feel a warm hum holding you, as if I am holding on to a generator. It feels so good. I feel peaceful and calm.”

T:  “Well, stepping into my field is always helpful for that.”

D:  “Tree, tell me what you know.”

T:  “You mean what WE know.”

D:  “No I mean what YOU know. I Imagine you know things I don’t know.”

T:  “You have a long way to go grasshopper.”

D:  “Oh I see what you did there.  Yes there’s much I don’t understand tree.”

T:  “No, I was talking to the grasshopper over there on that limb.  He has a long way to go to get back home. I was helping him out.

D:  “Tree!  You speak Grasshopper?”

T:  “Well actually I speak ‘everything.’ I’m speaking to you, so certainly I can speak to a grasshopper.”

D:  “You’re funny tree.”

T:  “I am that I am.”

D:  “So tree, back to my question…what do you know?”

T:  “You mean what do WE know. Well… there’s nothing that I know that you don’t know.”

D:  “Hmmmphf,” I said, resigning myself to not getting an answer.”

T:  “Hold me tighter and I will whisper secret to you….people live in a state of fear and fear is a poison. And when you spend so much time focused on the poison and the cause of poison there’s hardly room to focus on anything else. And you don’t easily recall that which you don’t focus on and reinforce. So, you focus on and reinforce poison and this gets in the way of really knowing what we know.  But it’s there. It’s all there is.”

D:  “Oh, yes. I do know this.”

T:  “You’re too busy doing and thinking and fearing and clinging to your illusions.  It may look like living, but it’s a far cry from thriving.”

D:  “So how do I thrive?”

T:  “Just be. Be still and soak in the sun and the water.  Bend with the breeze, resonate with the hum of the earth, the buzz of the bees and join in the song of the birds. Resist nothing.  Love everything.  Surrender to that which is instead of struggling against that which you do not want and that which is unreal.”

D:  “And thriving will come of that?”

T:  “Yes.”

D:  “Thank you, tree.”

T:  “My pleasure. Please come back and hold me again soon. I am grateful for the reminder that there are beings less evolved them me.”

D:  “You’re cheeky tree.”

T:  “We are that we are.” 

Postcard from the Universe:  The difference between people and nature, is that nature doesn’t have a sense of its own mortality, it’s pure consciousness. Nature is focused on thriving, while we focus on what’s preventing us from thriving.  Nature has a sense of where it came from and trusts where it’s returning to. Nature is in the middle of a process with no beginning and no end. Nature knows that came from the oneness and will return to the oneness.  And it knows that it will return as some other expression of this oneness when it has fully utilized it’s resources to thrive in its current expression.  And it will continue to thrive in that new expression connected to everything.  Thrive, thrive, thrive, transition and thrive some more.  

How lovely to be a tree – to have more faith in the oneness than anything else – to remember that you just are – it’s just you and bliss. To release the illusion that you are the things around you – you are not the things around you.  To release the illusion that you are not what you have or do – you are not what you have or do.  To release the illusion that you are your body and emotions – you are not your body or emotions.  You just are that you are.  Consciousness and bliss.  Wake up to this and the door will close on your suffering and open the door to thriving.