From the Mail Bag – Does hypnosis really work for weight loss?

Dear Dani, What's up with Hypnosis for weight loss?  Is that the real deal?  Can't you just tell my body to let go of excess fat or just make me obsessed with working out? How much can I expect to lose in how much time?  How long will it last?   Signed, Stuck With Extra Pounds _______________________________ Dear Stuck, Thanks for writing and for giving me an opportunity to provide you more information about Hypnosis for weight loss.  The short answer is yes.  It absolutely works.  I am living proof having lost nearly 80 pounds about 10 years ago using these [...]

Post Irma – Helping Out The Best Way I Can

Some of us were really fortunate to get through Irma untouched. Some maintained power, while many lost more than just power – they lost treasured memories, businesses, homes and sadly, even loved ones. We lost time. We lost resources. We lost money. We lost faith. We lost our minds. There is no way to measure the impact of any loss or compare the stress of one loss to that of another. It’s all stress and it all takes a toll. The community is collectively stressed. As a small business owner, this period of recovery translated into cancellations as clients now [...]

Try, Try Again

When you are ready to give up. . . try, try again. A common question from new and prospective clients is "How many sessions is this going to take?" My response is often "as many as it takes for you to feel the shift you are looking for."  I often add that clients may expect to experience a shift within the first 3 sessions, yet there is no guarantee.  Sometimes this is met with understanding and other times this is met with an incredulous scoff as if Hypnotherapy can undo years and years of behavior in a single session.  Though I [...]

A Case for Alternative Facts

Sometimes, I wonder . . .if space aliens are watching the human race, they might think we are actually crazy.  Imagine how they observe all the things that we create causal relationship to.  For example: "When I eat cheese puffs, I get bloated and they go straight to my thighs." "As soon as money comes in, it goes right out the door." "Every time I get praise, someone is there to knock me down" "Calling a guy after the first date will push him away." “Menopause causes hot flashes, irritability and low sex drive.” Our human experience is full of [...]

A Parable of Contrast

Occasionally, an idea or parable or story will just drop into my awareness - fully baked, meaning, I don't have to think about it or edit it in any way.  It is perfect pure creation the minute it is perceived.   The following came to me today as I was driving to my office to see a client.  I dictated it into my phone in a single take - adjectives, dialog and all.  It was truly a stunning experience.  I know I channel greater wisdom when I get out of the way, so the fact that it happened was no [...]

As Long As It Takes

My husband and I recently went through a difficult season. We began marriage counseling in the Spring of 16. I'm not embarrassed or ashamed to admit that. Any good marriage requires care, tending and practice to develop the skills necessary to keep it strong. When we engaged the counselor weekly at $150 per session, even though both of us were very frustrated, angry and financially strapped, I never remember a moment when I had a question in my mind of "how long is this going to take?" It was really just kind of an understanding that we were going to [...]

What’s Up With That 3 Session Protocol?

Dear Dani, I see on your website that you only work with new clients in a 3-session package protocol. What's up with that? You helped my neighbor in just one session. I heard you are really good and I know you can resolve my issue in 1 session. My issue is really easy and I know I don’t need 3 sessions. I don't want to waste my time or money. I see other hypnotherapists around town don’t require this. Why do you? Signed, One Session Wonder _______________________________ Dear Wonder, Thanks for writing and for giving me an opportunity to explain. [...]

Living Clean in ’17

One resolution. Just one. What if you could whittle it down to one resolution? Maybe you would embrace something like “Show more love.” Maybe you would announce you are going to “Be more positive.” Maybe you would lock in something dynamic that would create seismic shift in your life. And why not? It’s exciting to make resolutions. It draws out a sense of hope and positivity as we look forward to the wonderful byproducts of driving toward a goal. It’s a part of our nature to dream and look forward to our future. Yet, inevitably, within a few weeks of [...]


In my practice, I believe that. . . . . .  everyone has the power to positively change their life and the biggest thing in the way is our own fear, beliefs and negative programming. . . . people can enjoy change of any scale across all life categories and that change can be dynamic – a single change can create a cascade of other positive changes. . . . hypnotherapy and coaching is a safe, effective and efficient method for clients to experience powerful change -- removing fear and blockages, helping them embrace new beliefs, manifest new intentions and [...]

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. . . .

. . . .but can you teach him to carve? This time of the year, we do a lot of carving. We carve pumpkins. We carve turkeys. We carve cakes and pies. We carve out time for friends, family and football. We are pretty good carvers. So, what if I told you, you could also carve new pathways in your brain? Not possible, you say? Well, if you buy into that idea that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, then you are right. But, if you are willing to consider a new truth, you will celebrate knowing that your [...]

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