In my practice, I believe that. . .

. . .  everyone has the power to positively change their life and the biggest thing in the way is our own fear, beliefs and negative programming.

. . . people can enjoy change of any scale across all life categories and that change can be dynamic – a single change can create a cascade of other positive changes.

. . . hypnotherapy and coaching is a safe, effective and efficient method for clients to experience powerful change — removing fear and blockages, helping them embrace new beliefs, manifest new intentions and programming for success.

. . . the client / hypnotherapist is a relationship is one of equality, marked by mutual respect, trust and faith in each other and in the hypnotherapy methods and protocols.

. . . it’s okay to execute a business model that supports reinvesting in the community, assisting disadvantaged clients, as well as appropriate and competitive compensation for my knowledge, skills and ability.

. . . there is value in continuing education as well as participating in relevant member organizations and peer groups to improve my knowledge, skills and training to offer my clients the most advanced models and tools available.

. . . .I am good at what I do and add value to the lives of my clients, business partners and to everyone I meet.

These beliefs are the heart and soul of my practice.  They shape every aspect of what I do – from the smallest business practice to every interaction with every client, every student, every business partner and community member.   My beliefs keep me personally and professionally aligned so I can give you my very best throughout our work together.

Beliefs are like sunglasses.  We get them very young, and as we  age, they become a filter between our eyeballs and the outside world.  Beliefs shape how we interpret what we see, and subsequently how we react and respond.  Some of these beliefs serve us and allow us to respond to our world with positive and empowering feelings and behaviors.  And other beliefs do not serve us and result in a very clouded and skewed perceptions of people, situations and circumstances.  This often results in limiting, disruptive and even conflicting feelings and behaviors.

Working with your beliefs is a cornerstone of our time together.  I help you clear the negative limiting beliefs and then re-connect you to your positive empowering beliefs.  Then together, we leverage them across the various domains of your life to help you thrive and succeed!


Give it some thought and then ask yourself, what could you do with a new pair of belief glasses?