A Parable of Contrast

Occasionally, an idea or parable or story will just drop into my awareness – fully baked, meaning, I don’t have to think about it or edit it in any way.  It is perfect pure creation the minute it is perceived.   The following came to me today as I was driving to my office to see a client.  I dictated it into my phone in a single take – adjectives, dialog and all.  It was truly a stunning experience.  I know I channel greater wisdom when I get out of the way, so the fact that it happened was no surprise.  Yet the relevance of the topic, the poignant nature of what came through, and how easy it came through suggests it was intended for a larger audience.  I hope it speaks to you in some way too.


Two old friends met on a path one day and took a walk in the cool autumn air.  The crunch of the colorful fall leaves echoed throughout the fragrant forest and set the cadence for their step and conversation.

“The trees are so bare this time of year and the forest creatures and birds scarcely have enough to shield themselves from the elements,” said Scarcity.

“Yet there is a festive bounty of leaves beneath our feet that yields protection while the bare trees provide ample exposure to the warmth of the sun. One could imagine that the little creatures can see better now than ever before their food and their delights,”  replied Abundance.

“And the days are growing shorter,” observed Scarcity, “there’s hardly enough light in the day to find what they need to survive the cold coming winter.”

“Yet,” replied Abundance, “somehow their bodies know to instinctively store fat and nutrients now to carry them through to the generosity of spring.”

“They’re running out of time,” remarked Scarcity.  “It’s only a matter of time before they become someone else’s preparation.”

“Yes, there’s plenty of that going around,” replied Abundance.  “And for this, we are grateful as it inspires evolution and gives life to the great thinkers, great do-ers and great be-ers of the next generation.  For this cycle, is the cause of the abundance of species and the cause of the abundance of adaptations to their survival. ”

Abundance and Scarcity stopped on the path, and under the colorful canopy speckled with sunlight, smiled warmly at each other.  The moment was filled with acceptance and appreciation even in light of their different views of the world – just what you would expect of old friends.  They walked for some time into the sunset, enjoying the unadulterated silence of the simple awareness of each other until they came to the inevitable fork in the path where they would part ways, just as they have done many times before.

“Thank you, old friend,” said Abundance, “without you, I would not know myself.”

Scarcity smiled.  “Thank you, my friend.  It is through you, that I know myself better.”

And with gratitude and thanks, each turned and continued down their respective paths into the reality of their own creation, until such time as their paths would invariably and joyfully cross again.


By and through experiences with things, people, ideas and circumstance which you are not, you discover and reinforce who you are.  Be grateful for everything, everyone and every moment.  It’s all teaching you something precious about yourself.

Abundance is Waiting at Your Door

Sometimes things drop down inside my head out of no-where and bring beautiful little nuggets of wisdom. This little gem came to me as I was sitting in line at Chick-Fil-a waiting for nuggets of a different kind. Normally, I can expect terrible cell phone reception in the drive through, if any at all. This time, it seems, I was receiving a completely different type of signal.

Knock, knock.

Me: Who’s there?

The Universe.

Me: The Universe who?

The Universe that is conspiring to provide you abundance, wealth, love and a hot body.

Me: Excellent! I have been waiting for you. Where have you been?

I’ve been out here the whole time.

Me: You have? Why didn’t you knock louder?

Why do you keep the door shut so much?

Me: I can’t just keep opening the door to see who’s out here? That would be a waste of time.

Why not just get rid of the door? Then I wouldn’t have to knock and you could see me all the time.

Me: But, then things could get in that I don’t want.

I only bring things you focus on.

Me: But, I’ve seen things get in that I don’t want.

Yes, because I only bring things you focus on.

Me: Hmm. Good point.

So, can I come in now?

Me: Well, you could but all of a sudden, I’m afraid to let you in.


Me: I’m afraid my house is too small for you and all you now bring me.

That’s okay, I brought a demolition team.


Sometimes it’s scary to open up to all of the abundance that the universe has available to us. The greatest thing to overcome is your belief that you need a door and that your house may be too small to handle all that awaits you. Let go, and welcome in all that you deserve.

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