Hypnosis works. How do I know? It has changed my life. It saved my life. It’s transforming my life every day – not just as a practitioner who is blessed by the borrowed benefits of the vulnerability of others, but as a client and student of this work. — Dani Fox

After 35 years of struggling with Bulimia, I now observe a complete disconnect from food. It’s as if there is NOW an inverse relationship between my emotions and food. Where once, food was my vocabulary, now, the more emotions I acknowledge, name and let flow through me, the less I think about food. In fact, there is almost an aversion going on. What???!!! How did this happen???

For anyone who has fought this same battle, you KNOW the opportunity for this disconnect exists. Yes, you KNOW. You KNOW you can breathe, interrupt the the tractor beam pulling you to eat. You KNOW that it’s safe to feel the emotion, name it, release it, and enjoy relief within 90 seconds. But knowing and feeling are two different things. In the midst of that simple thought, the little crazy food gremlin has you headlong into a box of Lucky Charms before you can breathe. Then comes the guilt, the anger, the out of control feelings. That was my story for 35 years! I was in and out of the “traditional” approach to resolving this issue including multiple medications and years of counselling.  Yet today, there is an actual physiological dry heave for food. It’s like my body wants to complete that old pattern of binge and purge (or restrict), but cannot connect to even the first step in the process. I have NEVER known this. It’s a HUGE relief and milestone for me. Like a tremendous weight has been lifted off my heart and body. Such joy! How did I get here???!!!!

The only thing I can attribute this disconnection to is the work I’ve done in the trance state – hypnosis, meditation, mindfulness, EFT, NLP, acupuncture, Reiki – and even just sitting out on my patio watching the ducks on the pond. Being still and re-writing the code in my brain and retraining my body. That’s it. Time, patience and cultivation. Like making a fine wine. I am so grateful. This has been a long time coming. I move forward now with confidence in this journey, thankful for my family, friends, teachers, mentors, colleagues, students, clients – those who inspire and urge me to continue this pursuit. It was so worth it!  Today I am celebrating the fruit of the harvest steeped in the wine of gratitude for your love and support.

Whatever you are struggling with, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  This work is so powerful and transformational and it can create more shift in less time than the “traditional” approaches.  I am a living, breathing example of that notion.  Contact me and let’s begin the shift together. It’s safe, fun and easy. Trust me, if I can get to this place, YOU can get to this place.  Just be willing to dive into the deep inner layers of old code in your mind and explore what it feels like to make real, meaningful, lasting change. I promise you won’t be sorry.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and to watching you grow.

With love and blessings,