I love what I do.  I am so passionate about helping folks connect to inner resources that help create the change they long for – whether that’s to stop smoking, lose weight or clear blocks to success or simply connect to a higher way of being.  And I do this work from a real place of compassion for others because I’ve been there.  I spent years feeling stuck, hopeless and helpless.  I spent thousands of dollars.  I spilled buckets of tears, exhausted and disheartened.  And after each failed attempt to change, it became harder and harder to get back up on the horse and try again.  So, I know how it feels to be on this journey.  I’m STILL on my own journey.

In caring so much, it’s easy for me to want to take responsibility for how quickly you get to your goal. And yet, I am aware that our work together is YOUR journey and I am simply a stop on the way – a map pin – like a Starbucks or a Gas Station or a scenic overlook.  A place you pause to reset, reflect, refuel, repair, or even recalculate your route.  While you will move closer and closer to your destination through our work, and you may even finally realize your goal by and through our work together, I am not the destination.  Our time together is part of the journey – a journey where you are the driver; a journey where you drive as fast or as slow as you like while I provide my “experience” with as much quality, care and efficiency as possible.

There is a certain measure of “you get out what you put in” associated with this work – and rightly so.  All the pressure cannot be on me and these techniques to change everything – just like one stop at a gas station or one drive-through Starbucks cannot fuel your whole trip. You still have to manage the route and drive the car.  So, I provide a myriad of resources – conscious mind exercises, recordings, worksheets, links to books and online courses to support you.  Taking or not taking advantage of those resources is up to you.  Yet, I wonder. . . if you knew you could either delay or expedite the arrival to your destination through your choice, how would you choose?

So. . . a bright shiny happy-face map pin on your journey – that’s me.  Whether you are coming through for the first time, or circling back for the umpteenth time. … in the words of Tom Bodett “we’ll leave the light on for you.”