Dear Dani,

What’s up with Hypnosis for weight loss?  Is that the real deal?  Can’t you just tell my body to let go of excess fat or just make me obsessed with working out? How much can I expect to lose in how much time?  How long will it last?  


Stuck With Extra Pounds


Dear Stuck,

Thanks for writing and for giving me an opportunity to provide you more information about Hypnosis for weight loss.  The short answer is yes.  It absolutely works.  I am living proof having lost nearly 80 pounds about 10 years ago using these techniques.  Not only did I lose weight, I gained something I sought for years – choice and control around food.  A lifelong obsession with sugar and carb and impulsive eating behavior was resolved using Hypnosis and NLP.

The weight issue is comprised of many variables including body image, portion control, food choices, emotional eating, exercise motivation, and even fear of the end result (who would you be and what changes if you are at your ideal weight). Everyone is different, and their reasons for holding on to weight or not changing behavior is unique and often a function of limiting beliefs and negative emotions. Through Coaching, Hypnosis, NLP, Tapping and related techniques, we target those issues, transform them and clearing them at the root — helping you create new habits, and positive behaviors so that your body can get back to it’s ideal weight.

The resolution of the weight issue is as individual as it’s cause. I can never estimate how long it will take for your body to reflect the positive changes nor can I guarantee any particular result. Yet, I do know that when we clear the issues in the way of eating a healthy diet, moving more, decreasing your stress and improving body image and self talk, the body will get back to it’s ideal weight. Client results vary from just a few pounds in the four weeks to 8 – 10 pounds or more after 4 weeks.  I also have clients who lose very little in 4 weeks but experience significant shift in their habits (eating, exercise, self talk and stress reduction) that adds up to weight loss weeks and months later.

It is also common that people will do this work with me over 4 sessions and then write me 6 – 8 weeks after their last session to let me know how much they have lost. I even had one client who wrote me 6 months after just 3 sessions, and reported a 30 lb loss. I also had one women recently write me and tell me she lost nothing but she resolved her lifelong issue with emotional binge eating – that she was no longer tormented by food. She finally felt like she had choice and control around food and this was worth so much more than losing a few pounds.  Another gentleman reported finally liking himself and his body. He didn’t care that he had only lost a few pounds. Liking himself after 40 years of hating his body was gold to him.

Folks who keep it off, keep working at it. They know that maintaining their ideal weight is a lifelong activity comprised of a healthy diet, regular activity, mindful eating, relaxation and stress management. Hypnosis can certainly help remove the barriers to performing those healthy habits so your body can get back to doing what it knows how to do – thrive!

Hope that helps and hope to see you in my chair soon!