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Powerful Positive Change

Complimentary Consultation

Create Powerful Positive Change through hypnosis and coaching.

Complimentary Consultation

Dani Fox, MBA – Certified Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist

You are unique and you deserve an approach tailored to your unique needs. Because of my diverse training and experience, I am able draw upon a wide range of industry-leading techniques to help you enjoy meaningful and lasting change.


I am ready to meet your organizational training needs with energy, passion, experience and an out of the box approach.

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Since 2003, I have been helping everyone from college students to corporate executives achieve their dreams and reach their personal and professional goals through coaching.

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Individual hypnosis sessions are a powerful way to create Powerful Positive Change because they allow us to focus exclusively on your needs.

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Kind Words from Clients:

Thank you Dani! I appreciate you. Thank you for helping me tap into that state of bliss. It helped this morning as I awoke not feeling so great due to dreams. I got up walked the dog and laid back down listening to your recording “Letting Go.” Wow. What a difference that made. I feel good now. I have been praying again and finally feel that spiritual connection and growth of it. Again thank you. Thank you for opening my eyes. You are one awesome person and a tenacious professional with your craft. God has truly given you a gift.

R.T. Bradenton, Florida

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Coaching and Hypnosis are co-operative partnerships between the client and the facilitator to create change in both the conscious and subconscious space. I am a Certified Life Coach and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, not a Licensed Medical Doctor or Mental Health Professional. As such, hypnotherapy services performed are non-therapeutic and not intended to take the place of professional counseling, medical, or psychological care and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment of any condition. I do not work on pain or diagnosed mental or physical conditions without the referral from a licensed practitioner of the healing arts per State Statues and in some cases, Hypnosis may not be available to you as a service due to those state statues. If you are under the care of a medical professional for any condition for which you are seeking hypnosis support, please obtain a signed, written referral from your provider prior to engaging me and moving forward with related sessions. I look forward to helping you create Powerful Positive Change!